Ball Family Farms flower is hand-crafted from the finest raw and organic nutrients. Cultivated with meticulous attention to detail, our genetics are pheno-hunted, developed and produced in-house to the most precise standards.


Our premier Indica-dominant hybrid strain.
Nino has a creamy, gas scent and a very
flavorful sedative punch. This flower truly
dominates all three categories of looks, nose
& smoke.



Make a grand entrance with this indica-dominant blend that won’t settle for anything less than supremacy…that’s Sho’nuff! With a bold combination punch of heavy-hitting kush and a bubblegum-sweet finish, Sho’nuff to leave you shattered. Loaded with THC and resinous gland heads, Sho’nuff produces a powerful high for only the daring smoker. Think you got what it takes to handle the power? If so, then dare to kiss his converse and show him who’s the master!



Seventh heaven is within reach with this relaxing hybrid. A cool purple color palette that exudes that effortless charisma and royal demeanor. Don’t underestimate the creamy and floral flavors, she’s got a little spice on the back end that will sneak up on the unprepared. With one strong hit, her intention is not to beat you into submission, but to seduce you and envelope you in her intoxicating essence. Relax, you’ll still be able to function…even after Laura Charles shows you her moves and leaves you with a kiss.



Can you achieve “The Glow”? Mastery is a journey and the final level is Tha Last Dragon-- only attainable by the truly driven and disciplined. This sativa-dominant hybrid bud is sweet and tangy, complex, and powerful. Consistency is key, so the smoke is just like the smell, delivering a smooth crescendo in power. This mouthwatering smoke is a potent and intricate, high-terpene cannabinoid profile that will advance you to the final level, where you shall attain...”The Glow".



Surrender to the ancient Karate discipline of Miyagi-Do.  It’s a sacred path of focus and enlightenment. Starting the journey Miyagi-Do immediately permeates with the aroma of a forest outside a small village in Okinawa. Sweet musty spice combines with hints of minty cream and lemon. The sugary sweetness blossoms as you break open the bud, flowers revealing themselves to you. And when you break it down, the resin lingers on your finger tips, a pleasant tactile impression of mint and pine. You are learning the lessons of Miyagi-do-Karate. The floral notes expand the deeper you explore, the deeper you breathe. Though it's a path of peace and focus, it strikes first and strikes hard with no mercy leaving you dazed and confused as if you just got jumped by 6 enemies dressed in skeleton costumes. You have begun to understand Mr. Miyagi’s teachings, and now the story becomes your own and you must look eye, always look eye. 

-The story of Miyagi-Do.



For someone seeking balance, looking for answers. If you are willing to learn and put in the work by “Paint the fence” & “Sanding the floor” you’ll become The All Valley Tournament champion! Daniel LaRusso is a hybrid, trained for perfect balance. The nose hits with both spicy and minty aromas. The head change comes unexpectedly, a well-timed Crane Kick to the brain. But it doesn’t leave you too spacey or locked up. It steadies out to a satisfying high. Perfect for an afternoon adventure in your canary yellow 1948 ford Super DeLuxe with your sweetheart. Each experience is a quick lesson bringing you closer to the masterhood of catching a fly with a pair of chopsticks



Approached with humility and discipline, the Bonzai yields great rewards. But one doesn’t just grab the yamadori from the cliff. Patience is the key. The lemon zest and musty orange hit the nose immediately, giving a hint of those rewards. The strong roots of the Bonzai become evident when you break down the bud, the citrus aromas expanding into a natural orange and the lemon recess into the background. The balance of nature sticks to your fingertips. A dry pull gives that orange burst with a quick sweet after taste. But a more patient approach, perhaps with the bong, brings about a longer lasting flavor. Exercise patience and discipline with the Bonzai and it will wrap its roots around you, Placing you on a cliffside, waiting for three of your enemies to pull you back up the mountain with the threat of dropping you unless you sign the fight in the tournament. Be focused as you sign the contract on the inhale or you may get round housed kicked with a head change you aren’t prepared for....Think tree....think only tree.