Ball Family Farms (BFF) is the first vertically integrated, black owned, commercial indoor grow facility in Los Angeles. Entrepreneur and social equity license recipient, Chris Ball founded the company in 2018 to create unmatched premium cannabis products. BFF’s first commercial strain, Daniel LaRusso (Hybrid), quickly became one of the most popular strains in licensed cannabis retail stores. Its success led to strains, Bonsai (Sativa) and Miyagi-Do (Indica), birthing BFF’s signature collection “Sweep the Leg.” All of which have rapidly become consumer favorites.

This was followed by Reign (Indica) a limited-edition collaboration with Viola to benefit social justice reform and “Tha Last Dragon” with by Laura Charles (Hybrid), Sho’Nuff (Indica), and Bruce Leroy (Sativa).

BFF may be black owned, but they are diversely operated and prioritize equal pay, diversity and inclusion, and women’s career empowerment. As a tribute to its activism and commitment to excellence, the company embraces its motto and tagline, “Cultivating the culture, from the ground up!

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